Things You Need To Know about Free Microsoft Points

There is a new buzz in the online gamers’ community with Microsoft introducing a revolutionary and hassle free way for the gamers to buy games and loads of add-ons like game skins. They are calling this product as Microsoft free points. So gone are the days where you have to go through numerous troubles of flipping your credit cards and bear a transaction cost associated with each transaction every time you do a purchase online. A simple one-go solution is now there for all the gamers. The introduction of these Microsoft free points will definitely change the way people purchase various products. It is definitely a ‘bye-bye’ to all the various troubles of online purchases of games. Now all the products from online galleries like Zune, Xbox, and Windows live can be easily purchased with the use of these points.
Now you must be wondering how you can get hold of these points, and there is some good news for you; these points are available to you from virtually anywhere. These points can be found in the form of prepaid cards in a retail store next to your house or a text away from your mobile (you need to text to a specified number depending upon your location and you will get these points right there on your mobile). You can even win those points by competing in online games! Or even simpler just register yourself to a bunch of websites, newsletters or download a toolbar and you get complimentary Microsoft points. Isn’t it great? Also, if you happen to be one of the proud owners of Xbox Consoles, you can even directly purchase these points from the console itself.

A specific note for the users who wish to go the prepaid card way, the cards are not rechargeable, have to be used fully in one attempt and have varied denominations depending upon the geographical location. Keep in mind all that to get the most of these cards.

These points have become such a craze that many companies or website are coming with generators that generate such points for you. The versatile nature of these points lets you enjoy games on a dimension of products from multiple online galleries without a glitch. So if you are an avid user of Xbox Games or Zune Games or Windows Live games or even all of them, these points will just work for you and lets you enjoy the best of all the online galleries.


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