Guidelines on getting your free Minecraft account

Getting familiar with the concept of Minecraft

Minecraft is a role playing game – RPG – designed by Markus Persson, a talented young game developer. The game was created in 2009 and the basic concept of the game is to build something by placing blocks of different materials and destroying what is currently present. Minecraft is a very popular game worldwide and it can be played in both online – with human players – and offline – with AI bots – modes. If you are unfamiliar with the concepts of the game, a short study on the internet is going to give you a basic idea of the concept and game play. Limited free Minecraft accounts are up for grabs at the official web site but you need to follow a few basic guidelines for that.

For starters, you need to have the urge for gaming and a Minecraft account. Free Minecraft accounts can be created on completion of a short survey over the internet. The game keeps a record of the timing and it stimulates day time as well as night time gaming. You need to build yourself a fortress by the first day, to protect yourself against the monsters that appear during the night. Minecraft accounts are being sold over the internet with over 2 million active monthly users currently logged in.

Basic concept of Minecraft

Minecraft is basically a construction game in which you can construct anything possible, with the help of small cubical blocks. In fact the world of Minecraft is built with small cubical structures in grid formations which represent many structures like those of glass, dirt, wood, stone, water, etc. Your in game character has a basic pickaxe with the help of which your character can destroy all these things and hence lay founding stone of the new patterns. Your movements are not restricted in the world of Minecraft, however the blocks can only be placed at marked out positions in the grid.

Development and sales

Minecraft is still in its developing stages and as a result only a Beta version of the game is available in the market. Minecraft accounts are available for payments of $25, however for getting free Minecraft accounts, a person has to visit the different web sites and fill out a form and to an easy survey. Once the process has been completed, you will receive a free account so that you can play minecraft for free.

These free minecraft accounts are not given for a limited number of days, they are permanent and like all other games, Minecraft too has single player and multi player options, which are also available in the Beta version free accounts. Hence, you should go ahead and get yourself a free minecraft account today.


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