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minecraft for freeMarkus ‘Notch’ Persson, the creator of Minecraft, describes it as an innovation or an idea which was developed by him to create an intelligent and visually impactful gaming experience. Hence, Minecraft cannot be termed as a product of familiar game development but is a normal ‘Sandbox’ game which is not restricted to a defined path, neither in the physical world, nor the game’s narrative. The popularity that Minecraft celebrates in this era dominated by the online games is due to the core factor that it lets the player explore their own world, carved out of their imagination and sense of art. So, get ready to be tied down by the adventures of survival, exploration and building your own world block by block.

Free Minecraft Accounts

Since the day Minecraft was launched, the followers who are glued to it throughout, amasses up to a whooping 30 million subscribers, out of which only a little over 6 million copies of the game were sold. Are you curious to find out how the others are able to play without actually buying the Premium Minecraft account? It is necessary to be sure of websites and other online providers to offer free Premium Minecraft accounts for its legitimacy. As you go online, there are innumerable websites who offer legitimate Minecraft accounts for no cost, but there are certain steps to be followed.

There are several ways to obtain a free Premium Minecraft account. One of them is completing random surveys over the internet which offer Minecraft accounts. These websites generally receive finances from the advertisements and sponsors of those surveys. For example, each download or each like on a particular website increases revenue which in turn, is churned to give away these minecraft accounts for free. To sum it up, its all about filling up certain forms, agreeing to certain terms and conditions, liking certain websites can get you a Premium Minecraft account for free. The log in credentials provided are applicable and accessible throughout the Minecraft server globally. So, all of you online gaming intellectuals, the wait ends here to get a legitimate free Minecraft Premium account.

You might as well think about trying uTorrent, but the torrents get you text files which contain links to customer surveys. In some cases, you’ll received a zipped file, and to extract them you’ll need a password, which in turn would be available to you by completing surveys. So, after extensive research, we conslude that there is no possible sources through which you can obtain a free Minecraft account, without completing surveys.

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