Free Facebook Credits Help You Access Games in Facebook

Facebook is one of the popular social media sites with a large number of users. Almost everyone is every part of the world have at least one Facebook account. We can connect with our friends from different parts of the world via Facebook. However, Facebook is not only offering you the easiness in communicating with other people from different places, but also giving you the chance to spend your time by playing all the provided games and other applications. Some are for free, and others are accessible by spending your Facebook Credits. If you haven’t known much about Free Facebook Credits, then we would like to give you some information about it.

Facebook has been considered an online playground nowadays because of the games and applications available. Although some are free, there are also many applications and games that require the user to use Facebook Credits to get the access to them. A couple of years ago, Facebook is offering Free Facebook Credits to almost active Facebook users across the world. You might have earned several Facebook Credits, right? The Facebook team was giving these credits for free. With these credits, you can buy any online gifts or virtual goods in several games, such as FarmVille, Bejeweled Blitz, Playdom, and more.

Although now Facebook is not giving away Facebook Credits for free anymore, you can still get them by visiting several places. There are many ways in getting Facebook Credits, including those that require you to pay. These credits are sold in Target and Walmart in the United States region. You can also earn Free Facebook Credits in several places, such as shopkick, where users can earn Facebook Credits by checking in to stores with an iPhone application. One of the easiest ways to earn Free Facebook Credits is by visiting Here, you can simply register for free, then log in to earn points that you can redeem to get Free Facebook Credits. You should have to earn several points to get different Facebook Credits. For example, 15 points are equal to $25 Facebook Credits, while 75 points are equal to $250 Facebook Credits. The more points you earn, the bigger Facebook Credits you will get. Redeeming these credits is not difficult, in fact. You just have to fill the Redeem Prizes form in the website and you will get the Free Facebook Credits in 3 days or less.

Now, you don’t have to worry to spend more time playing games and applications in Facebook, since you can get these credits for free.

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